The Shop

Having friends who like to wrench on their vehicles is a good thing, especially when they share space in a shop in South Seattle. 

Knowing my one-bedroom apartment (nor fiance') would dig hours worth of carpentry work being done at all times of day, I reached out to said friend above about whether there was enough room for one more operator. He kindly said that it shouldn't be a problem, and the following weekend we were clearing out storage space and a swath for me and my shiny new tools. 

Honestly, other than finding a business in town that could CNC cut our platform designs, getting space in this shop has been the biggest win in ramping up The Car Camp Company.

In time, hopefully the business will grow to where I can have my own place and my own CNC cutter and a cool dog to keep me company during all of it, but until then, I'm loving TCCC's current production digs.

Check out The Car Camp Company's Instagram stories to see more of the space!  

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