Suspending Car Camp Company Orders Until August, And That's A Good Thing!

While ramping up The Car Camp Company, at some point I knew if things were going well I would to need to scale up the production infrastructure. Since my hands and faulty brain are currently that infrastructure, it's come time to explore other avenues to see if this little project has legs.

I don't have vision boards but I do have Google Sheets, and on one of those sheets I have written some goals. After three builds I had written that I should buy a Maslow CNC router. After ten builds I should move to new shop space. Well, luckily, I disregarded that order. In fact, I unknowingly did them in reverse as those "goals" are written on a tab I don't often visit when doing my daily spreadsheet due diligence (the "sales" and "measurements" tabs are much more popular).

So here we are. I just accepted our tenth kit to be built, have new shop space, and have received the Maslow CNC setup in its tidy little box. Thing is, the Maslow needs to be put together (lot's and lot's of parts), and the wooden frame to support the 4x8s it's meant to cut also needs to be built. 

This will take time, so that's why I'm suspending orders until August. Between the three kits that are currently in production and the efforts it will take to get the Maslow up & running (there might be a week-long, definitely-not-doing-any-work mountain bike trip to Montana thrown in as well), I can't see a stress free-ish existence through the next month and a half without taking a break from new projects.

Should things go as planned, however, PHASE 2 of The Car Camp Company will launch and a new product will come available for some beta testing around the Greater Seattle area!  



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