Our 5 Favorite Car Camping Must Haves For Every Trip

Whoa ho ho what's this? A list of things? Yes!

This particular list of things is in regards to car camping, and what we consider necessities when enjoying time in the outdoors via your vehicle. Let's go!

#1 - A Large Pan / Skillet

You have to eat, right? Even if you don't have a mobile double burner stove, a larger pan or skillet can still be of great use. A pan can take the heat from a Jet Boil or if you're lucky enough to have a fire pit, bust out that skillet and get busy. Deeper the better as that brings broth possibilities into play. When either are of larger size, cooking multiple things at once is also possible, adding to your menu options. Of course, throwing eggs into the mix and making a scramble is never a bad idea. 

#2 - Decent Padding / Sleeping Bag

Now that you're not going to starve to death, a good night's sleep is next up. As we extensively went through in the last blog post, minimizing annoyances caused by a faulty pad / sleeping bag situation makes for a comfortable rest. With car camping, weight and size aren't necessarily restrictions anymore, so go ahead and bring that two-person air mattress along, and spend money on a sleeping bag that you love - not one that you're just okay with.

#3 -  Insect Repellent

This past summer we almost packed it up after a few hours spent near Lake Wenatchee in the Cascades. The mosquitoes were abundant and aggressive, putting everyone in a constant state of anxiety. If it wasn't for pounds of repellent, we would have never made it to dusk. The next morning, everyone woke up, and enjoyed a nice hike. Repellent saved the trip.

#4 - Fire Friendly Materials

You don't have to pack firewood if you don't want to, but at least have a hatchet, some extra paper for kindling, and a long nose gas lighter for when things get tricky. Even though going primal and getting a fire going with ancient teachings is rewarding, getting warm or food on heat faster is always better. If you have these three things, that can happen.   

#5 - Pillow From Home

Listen, there's no shame in it. Grab your pillow and all its comfort and familiar smells, and throw it in the car. Other than comfy padding and warmth as mentioned above, using your favorite pillow while camping / on the road is best way to make a not-at-home night of sleep feel like an at-home night of sleep.

Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments!


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