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I like sleeping in my car. When not camping or on the road of course I prefer the bed in my home, but if that’s not an option, my car everytime. Tents are fine and somewhat necessary for particular adventures, but if done right, one’s car can be a wonderful place.

That’s why a friend and I built my first car camping platform for my Prius V. After some research, I found a design that I liked, and after three trips to Home Depot and some nervy ameteur carpentry work, we turned out a decent build with some thoughtful features. It proved incredibly useful its first summer in use, making cooking, cocktailing, and sleeping increasingly easier the more trips I took with it.

It’s these features that we’ve tried to make even better, even more beautiful with The Car Camp Company. Drawers that are not just for organizing, but double as a cooking and prep table. A headboard that provides a little extra room and the familiar feeling of home. A simple design that fits in the cargo area of most vehicles, so a car can just be a car when it needs to be.

I didn’t really like camping as a kid. Cub Scouts and all that stuff. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found benefit in escaping to the outdoors. Because of my kit, I’ve experienced another level of enjoyment while out in nature, and it’s all because I have a tool in my car that shrinks the checklist I have to think about before and during a trip, and allows me to do things I never would have thought possible while in the woods (casually enjoying a gin + tonic while cooking a steak at the same time).

Simply put, it just makes life better.

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  • Andrew

    oh hell yeah camping in the car, glamorous style…there should be a word for that

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