Car Camping Kit: 2019 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed

I was excited to get back into the building game with a one drawer doozie for a 2019 Tacoma long bed. Having a done a Tacoma short bed before, the majority of the dimensions were the same (height, width) while of course, there was around a foot more of length.

It was nice to be able to use a bit of brain and muscle memory on this one, letting the build itself come together after the initial cuts were made.

A truck build is also visually pleasing as its general rectangle-ness (?), creates clean lines that match nicely with the standard design being currently applied to builds. When it comes to maximizing storage space while still including a sliding drawer, I can't say a new, revolutionary option will come to mind, but always open to suggestions!

This will also be the last time I used oil based sealant for a build. My poor brushes just can't take it anymore.

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