Car Camping Kit: 2016 Toyota 4Runner Rainier - Can You Take Me Higher?

Part of the reason the planned time off from building has been scheduled is so that a consistent source of plywood can be had. Even with Home Depot's Home Depot-ness, of the four stores around Seattle, they can't seem to keep the same type of plywood in stock. This has led to our last five or so kits being made from something different - not a bad thing being able to build with different kinds of wood, but also, would prefer the piece of pine plywood readily available that we used on our most recent kit. 

Good wood available, this was the first 4Runner build where the plan was to go up and over the folded back seats. Usually, a car's backseat will fold down over what we'll call the "butt section". With the 4Runner, the butt section actually folds up against the front row seats, allowing for the back of the seats to fold down and lay flat. Great for sliding a big TV in, tough for car camping kits.

This meant over 16" of clearance was needed to get over the folded-up butt section and touch the front row seats - an extra 8" more than our usual in-car builds (Truck beds usually come in around 9"). Fun to go high, but because the drawers were taller all around, there wasn't the usual amount of extra wood to play with in case of screwups / splitting wood.

On the more normal side of things, we did what's becoming our standard drawer setup for Rainers - one cooking drawer and one storage drawer. This setup allows for the best of bost world's, and in most cases, a little bit of extra room down the sides.


All in all, a tall build that turned out great. 

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