Car Camping Kit: 2015 Toyota Tacoma Long Bed - Rainier Kit

Who knew everyone in Seattle had a Toyota Tacoma? Or, at least, that's what it feels like as now every other order is for the legendary truck that never quits.

The latest is for a fun couple who do a fair amount of bouldering and hiking. Cooking along with storage is a priority so they opted for a Rainier kit. To give them the most of everything, one drawer is specifically built for housing a camp stove with cooktop space while the other is pure organization. This will give them plenty of space for camping fundamentals. To boot, by making the drawers a total of ~40" wide, there's still some room down the sides for quick grab knick-knacks. 

Like with the last Tacoma, the dimensions are pretty well known at this point. I expanded the width to 55" from the 54" I did on the last Tacoma, hopefully finding a Goldie Locks' measurement as the 54" came in a touch narrow (although still covering the bed lip).

I also moved in the pin holes that hold the two halves together substantially to the center third of the kit. Between having the pins placed close together in the center and the new application of carriage bolts (rounded on top), I suspect there won't be any Princess and the Pea situations when their inflatable mattress is in full bloom.

I also found a fun piece of plywood for this kit that had some character with exposed knots. Usually, this type of "live" attribute isn't a part of a piece of layered plywood, but the knots have made for some "authenticity" while not sacrificing any building potential. This plywood is also a bit denser than the last type of used, making it more forgiving to drilled screws whereas the softer plywood often cracked when pressed by firm drilling. Definitely will use this type of wood again even though it necessitates a decent amount of sanding.  

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