Car Camping Kit: 1989 Jeep Grand Cherokee

When I received a message from a fellow Seattleite requesting a pure storage solution, I was intrigued. His vision involved no seats in the back, giving him the most amount of room to store camp / overlanding gear.

He was incredibly patient as the whole kit took just under three months complete. Luckily, he lived less than a block away from the shop (I mean, really), so the occasional fitting was easy to organize. Even with that, each time we tested out the newly built sections, all his gear had to get taken out of the rig and then put back in. All was worth it though as he was super happy with the outcome and I learned a bunch as this kit came together like:

  • The heavy duty rubber handles featured on Yeti coolers are perfect for our kits
  • Custom edging looks great on the lower framing when a trunk latch protrudes into the cargo area
  • Birch plywood is super soft and difficult to not offend when drilling  
  • Probably don't want to do something like this again with all the nooks and crannies involved






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