Announcement: The Car Camp Company Has Partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation!

Trees have a strong significance in my family. Sure, we had them standing tall around the house I grew up in, but they really took on another role when my brother, along with some Peace Corps friends, launched a tree plantation business to help counteract deforestation in the areas where they served in Panama.

Planting Empowerment founders checking progress

The world got some more trees, and those trees became a part of their Darien based community's financial future and present. Like a good brother, I've even spent a few days among the plantations over the past decade in Panama, fighting with pesky weeds and invisible spider webs to help those babies grow tall!

When The Car Camp Company got started and the decision to make the kits out of wood was made, I knew at some point that I wanted to establish a philanthropic aspect to the company that would at least help offset our use of wood, and maybe do something more.

So I'm excited to announce that The Car Camp Company has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation and their Reforestation initiative.

Under this initiative, every dollar donated plants one tree, so by promising to donate 2% of The Car Camp Company's gross sales every 3 months, we will help plant 40 trees from our first quarter of sales!

We're excited about this step for the company, and look forward to fighting the good fight for our environment.






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