All Roads Apparently Lead To T-Shirts

I can't say that ramping up The Car Camp Company's t-shirt collection was a top priority in the overall scheme of 2019, but here we are.

Infusing the company with cotton threads came to be by a casual conversation with my shop neighbor, Arthur. Arthur sells musical tapes on eBay and anywhere else he can. His knowledge of e-commerce is substantial, so when he started talking about "dropshipping", I listened.

Dropshipping is ideal for those who don't have a ton of space for inventory, or at least, a t-shirt printing press as the whole process - shirt stock, printing, shipping, etc. - are all handled by one company. In my case, I found a company called Printful that easily integrates with my Shopify account. 

For a burgeoning business that has more sawdust than space like mine, dropshipping is perfect. Printful's interface is fairly easy to use as well, making the process of "creating" a shirt, hoodie, or whatever else they have to offer around a five-minute process from start to available-for-sale on a website.

So, now I have the funny situation of an interested person being able to purchase socks with our logo from the website but not a car camping kit. That will hopefully be changing in the coming months.


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